EDIINT AS1 amp MS Exchange

I’m having trouble picking up the contents of an AS1 email that is initially received by MS Exchange and then wm gets the email from Exchange. I’m wondering now if this could even work.

  1. How does exchange handle the encrypted email?
  2. Does the encryption get lost or corrupted between Exchange and wm or when wm gets the msg from Exchange should it be intact as if it is the original receiver?
  3. How do I tell wm not to delete the msg from Exchange when it picks it up? It’s a POP3 connection. I need to test this without relying on my partner. I’ve configured my Dev box to send to Exchange but the mail server is configured to delete attachments with .DAT extensions.
    Does anyone know a work around to this?

I’ve got wm.EDIINT:receive as the service but when the msg hits TN the document type, sender and receiver are unknown.


I found out from support that I can not change the name of the attachment that wm creates. I’ll have to fight with the network admin to remove that restriction so I can test. Yeah right!!

Any comments on my other questions.