AS2 inbound Message Error;processed/error: authentication-failed

We can send messages to partner and receive positive MDN successfully in WM8.2,
but when partner send message to us, TN shows processed/error: authentication-failed.


In this case the issue most likely on the partner side as they might not correctly sending the public certificate (chain) that you must have shared with them and it’s better you to engage a call with them and troubleshoot the issue and verify the certs configured being used on both sides.

Check the IS and TN activity logs also on your side


Thanks, RMG
we and our partner have been checked the public certificate on both sides are right, and the TN activity logs only shows processed/error: authentication-failed, without any more details.
Is it possible that there is a problem with my trust store? I have added our partner’s certificate into our truststore, do I also need to add our CA and CA root into our truststore?

Yes please do and you should include all the cert chain (TN enterprise profile) and test again.


Thanks, RMG.
I add the CA chain to the trust store but it still shows authentication-failed.
Partner can’t send a encrypted not signed message to us to do a trouble shooting, so I don’t know how to move on.
when I cancel the message signature verification , the messages can be decrypted, but there is a bunch of garbled characters before and after the message in the payload.