I have recieved an EDIFACT EDI file V911 ORDERS from VAN for testing.
When I loaded this into TN, it could not recognize the document with following activity logs.

Inbound Control Number - , expect all decimal digits [EDIFTN.000010.000223]

  • EDI qualifier: null, ID: null [EDIFTN.000010.000232]
  • EDI qualifier: null, ID: null [EDIFTN.000010.000232]
  • PRT Not Enabled. Conversation ID will not be extracted. [EDIFTN.000010.000244]
  • Only envelope data was persisted for this document

The UNA segment contains value “UNA.?*”. In the TPA the segment delimiters are defined as "+:? (Record, Field, SubField and Release) to send data from partner X to Y. I don’t have a TPA to receive from Y To X. Will the same TPA apply to receive also?. Is there any preprocessing required before post to TN?.

I just found the EDI document has more than one UNA segments with different orders. Is there any procesisng level option to be set before sending to wm.tn:recieve?.

IF so you have to split each UNA segment (Orders)and persist it to TN by looping thru the envelope process.

But i have not experienced with multiple UNA segments anytime,its a suggestion though.

I tested with envelopeProcess service which says it is valid document.
Will TN handle this auto when I submit to TN?. I am trying to avoid one more layer of steps to be written before submitting to TN. Let me know your suggestions. Right now I am polling the file and inoke the service tn:receive with content type as application/EDIStream.

If envelopeProcess validates to true then TN should handle with out any problems and persist the document.Have you crosschecked the above errors against the EDI document and which TN TPA expecting correctly?
Looks like 2nd envelope data is having data problems that is the reason only one envelope data persisted successfully in TN.


Some more inputs. The whold document is validated using envelope process. So that brings the document is valid for all envelopes.
There is no inbound TPA defined for sender/receiver pair.

I am able to load X12 received from VAN with out setting a inbound TPA for different partners through the same process.

I am able to load after I changed the delimiters from the default one from VAN. EDI 6.1 module does not has V911 in the transation list. Got a fix from webMethods EDIFix9 for this. Not sure the is fix causing the delimiters issue. Will update once I hear some thing from wM.