How to process EDI documents in TN

Hi All

Please suggest me how to process EDI documents in TN, And what all the services we need to take to process EDI documents in INBOUND and in OUTBOUND

Please review the EDI Module/TN User guide/concepts documentation for more information on how it works.

Also there are tons or threads on these topics in the forum sections for EDI and Trading Networks…please check it:


Thanks for reply, but I have already read documentation but while doing practicals am facing the difficulties in TN. Always it is going for Default Procesing role. and not selecting sender and reciever.for testing purpose wat all the services we need to take in developer and also how to send EDI to TN for processing that document.Please suggest.

for submitting EDI documents to TN either use services

routeXML or tn:receive (make sure you the reserved variable “edidata” (case sensitive) in the pipeline before invoking above TN processing services)

Log on to IS Admin page and click on the EDI link and Submit Test EDI Data (http://localhost:5555/invoke/ from there:

Please review the EDI Module/TN userguide how the EDI documents gets recognized (sender/receiver/doctype - triplets) and based on setup your custom processing rule criteria (this custom rule should be defined above the “Default” rule in order to kickoff the processing EDI documents to your flow service (INBOUND) or delivering to Trading Partners (OUTBOUND))


HI thanks for relpying, I ll try this…


Hi can you please tel wat all we need to provide in “FunctionalACK service” which we call in TN(Execute service option as a first service).

In the TPA you can either set AutoGenerate FA ON or call a custom service with X12Envelope as doctype criteria and have the logic to call generateFA (map the edidata) and route the output to TN again which will trigger another rule that delivers to VAN/AS2/FTP etc…based on your needs: