Complete Flow of Processing EDI thorugh TN Network

Hello Everyone,

Can anybody explain about complete end to end flow of processing EDI document through TN network. Any references can also be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Anusha,

Let me explain in high level,


  1. create EDI doctype in MWS (for example : EDIFACT 96A DELFOR).
  2. Partner has to send EDI file to service with content-type as EDIFACT if its of EDIFACT EDI file.
  3. TN will extract sender id and receiver id from EDI file along with EDI qualifier (Qualifiers are used for identifying external IDs in partner profile Ex 14 - EAN type)
  4. Once TN identifies Sender, Receiver and type of EDI file, then it will check for first matching Processing Rule in TN.
  5. Executes the Processing rule (Here you have to configure servie execution - configure your service for transformation and delivery part also has to be configured in the processig rule).