Routing EDI/EDIINT docs - Conceptual Question


I’m new to EDI and EDIINT processing in the wM.
I have a conceptual question, and I hope that you guys can help me.

Assume the following scenario:

Assume the IS has TN, EDIforTN, EDIINT pkgs installed.

A VAN sends a TN EDIINT envelope, containing one or many EDI docs, grouped by the EDI doc type (ex.: X12 820, X12 850, etc.) to the TN (A), and this TN has a processing rule (Criteria - Doc type=ANY) that invokes a delivery service that routes to another TN (B) for further processing.

Assume that the T A’s processing rule has the appropriate Receiver and has the doc type selection set to “Any”. This processing rule calls a custom delivery service (wihich uses the to actually deliver the doc to the TN B.

This process can be represented by the following diagram:

EDIINT envelope
| ±-EDIdoc1
| ±-EDIdoc2 --> TN A --routes–> TN B --> further processing
±Group02-850 triggers a
±-EDIdoc3 Processing
±-EDIdoc4 Rule

Now, the questions:

  • what “object” the TN A will forward? The whole EDIINT envelope or each of the EDI documents it contains?
  • when sending single EDI doc (using the IS Admin | EDI solution | Send EDI doc) to the TN A, I noticed in TN B the transaction log there are entries showing “Envelope” and “Group” processing.
    Why these entries exist? It is due the TN A envelopes again the EDI doc when routing it to TN B or the TN actually routes the whole EDIINT?
    They keep happening even when I change the processing rule to match only the 820s and 850s.

Any help is greatly appreciated.