B2BEDITN 46 trouble redirecting edidata to B2B

Hello Everyone,

I am using Integration Server/TN/EDIforTN/EDIINT for version 4.6.1 on a WIN2K platform.

My service runs as follows:
appendToStringList (to accumulate ST segments)

Then I determine the ISA and GS data relevant for transaction, and I run:

All segments (ISA/GS/ST) are visible in the ‘edidata’ string at this point.

I then send ‘edidata’ to TN, and back to B2B, for special delivery instructions.

My problems crop up here. At this last stage, only the last ST segment is in the editn_xtn, and editn_env is not in the pipeline. ContentPart EDIdata is part of my bizdoc, but it only contains the last ST as well. I have tried adding a validateEnvelope, but this displays no errors.

WmEDIforTN says it automatically validates and parses envelopes for processing, so prognosis says the first ones are getting overwritten, but getICDetail & getAllDetails do not return the other ST’s.

Does anyone know how to extract the whole edidata ISA string (ISA/GS/ & all ST’s) from TN?

I appreciate all help!


Check the processing rule you are using to re-route the data back to B2B. Judging from the fact that you are only seeing the last ST segment and editn_xtn in the pipeline, it sounds like you have the transaction set defined for the processing rule document type. If you change the document type to X12 Envelope in the processing rule, you will re-route the entire EDI envelope back to B2B and should then see editn_env in the pipeline.


Thanks Devan,

You are right.

From everything I had read, I had thought that editn_env was supposed to appear every time, regardless.

Thanks for your help! This makes alot more sense now.

What do you see in the Transaction Analysis page in TN Console? You should see an X12 Envelope, an X12 Group and the number of transaction sets that you placed in the envelope.

Can you share your FLOW snippet of “sending” the string to TN and your subsequent steps?

Things to keep in mind:

  • When TN receives and X12 doc, it performs de-enveloping. You’ll see multiple docs in the transaction analysis screen.

  • You can get the entire interchange from TN via a rule that handles the X12 Envelope document.

  • Trying to process the bizdoc that is in the pipeline immediately after calling TN receive most likely won’t be the doc you’re after. It will most likely be the last one that TN created, as I think you are seeing.

Out of curiosity, if you’re building the X12 interchange, presumably for delivery to some app or partner, what’s the intent of running it through TN services to get special delivery instructions?

Has anyone ever had the problem where the editn_env envelop is coming into the pipe as a single document when there are multiple ISA envelops in file and as a documentList when there is only one ISA envelop in file. I need it to be consist in both situations. What am I doing wrong? I am using webmethods 6.0