Problem with TN

when the edi document comes to TN, it goes thru the processing rules and accordingly it calls the flowservice.
my problem is when i run the flowservice after posting the document in the browser, the edidata is not passing through the envelope process(which is my step in flowservice)
but when i have savepipleline to file and restore piplelinefrom file, i am able to see the edidata.
whats going wrong, can anyone suggest me in this



Please search this site before posting since this basic procedure have been discussed many times in other threads.this saves your time too.

Anyways the flowservice input signature should be bizdoc(,if edidata is not in the pipeline then make use of bizdoc/content(bytes) convert this bytesToString(edidata)and map this to convertToValues for further processing.



Thanks a lot for ur valuable advise