ServiceException: Parameter input must be an InputStream

When submitting a document via, I am only passing the edi data string.
Ultimately a processing rule is finding the document type X12 Envelope and the action, and after converting byte to Stream uses wm.EDIINT:send to send to our EDIINT AS2 partner.
We use two system sources to generate our EDI docs. Both use to pass to TN. All that is passed to that I can see is the edidata (sender/receiver etc).
One system completes properly, creating all ,X12 document, the X12 Group, the X12 Envelope, and the EDIINT which is created because of the processing rule and action where within the flow service is wm.EDIINT:send. The other fails in wm.EDIINT:send with the error in the title of the post.
When tracing each through, I see the bizdoc is missing on the one that fails.
However, when the document X12 (in this case 4030 810) is resubmitted from TN, the EDIINT is always created, and the bizdoc exists when tracing.

What could cause the bizdoc not to be passed to the flow service set in the action of the processing rule with one document, and not the other?

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Have you traced when you are submitting the document (edi string) to TN by tn. receive in case of failed document, was EDI document properly recognized without any error and the bizdoc in pipeline was having the some data in content?


Hi! thanks so much for responding. Within TN I see the document being recognized X12 4030 810, the X12 Group, the X12 Envelope for both the failed and successful. I am passing, what I think, is the identical information to
The difference I see is that when the processing rule recognizes the document and passes ‘it’ to the flow servcie from the action, the failed document’s bizdoc is missing. I know that it is invoking the service because of the error I get. Parameter input must be an InputStream.
The criteria for the processing rule is for one particular trading partner (only one we are doing AS2 with) and the document type is X12 Envelope.
Again, when I resubmit the failed X12 4030 810 document from TN, it passes all values need to the flow service of the action and creates the EDIINT doc without problem.
Thanks again.

How the processing rule is configured… is it in SYNC processing or Asynchronous?