Passing InputStream to wmEDIINTsend

I created a customized flow service to receive my bizdoc from TN and get the parameters and data to pass to wm.EDIINT:send, but when I run it, the data/stream never gets passed.

I know that when I run pub.file:getFile (as in wm.EDIINT.sample:send), my data/stream is of type But I need to get byte data from my bizdoc, so I use, which gives me

Could that be the reason data/stream doesn’t get passed?

It seems like I’m missing something incredibly basic.


We convert using before mapping into “send”…Is that it?

ps…we convert using the “content” object from bizdoc…


I’d tried that too, with the same problem. My mistake was being too cautious and saving my wm.EDIINT:send pipeline to a file, then stopping. Then I’d restore and step through. I hadn’t known streams couldn’t be saved. When I just let it all rip, everything worked.

Thanks anyhow.