Flat File to Batch to EDIINT

Currently I’m creating a flat file of EDI data on TN which is queued and then processed using the batch processing default method. This create an X12 Envelope and when I look at the content it tell me that the Name is EDIdata and the Type is application/EDIstream with a storage type of tspace.

I created a processing rule to call a service to try to take the content and repost to TN as EDIINT data for an AS2 customer, but this doesn’t seem to work. What is the easiest way to take the X12 Envelope and route it through the EDIINT delivery process. I know I have to use the wm.EDIINT.send service, but it errors out due to an error, I’m not producing a stream input from my bizdoc as input to the service.

Thank for any help.

Are you creating the stream from bizdoc/content (bytes) converting it to stream?? Basically you have to make use of this content particle from the bizdoc.

Then finally map it to EDIINT:send (stream input)



I’m currently using the following services.

pub.io.bytesToStream, which should bring back a stream, but I’m not seeing this.

The content on TN is application/EDIstream and the storage type is tspace.