Reg EDIINT processing rule


I am trying to process an EDI document (X12 4010 852) over AS2 (Inbound) in TN+IS.

I have created the partner profiles for Sender & receiver, created the document type (X12 4010 852) and the processing rule to match this docment & Sdr/Rcvr.

I have invoked the wm.EDIINT:receive service to post the EDI data and could see the EDI data received at TN successfully. The document type is EDIINT and the default processing rule (EDIINT Process Message) got executed.

Now the default processing rule should be extracting the EDI Payload and will post to TN again (by calling the service) so that my processing rule can get triggered, but this is not happening. My processing rule created is never getting executed and hence my IS service configured inside the processing rule too.

Could you please advise if I am missing any steps/configurations or doing something incorrectly ?

Part of the troubleshooting things.

Have you checked the EDIINT request that received in the Transactions page and reviewed the Activity log where the payload extract happens?

Also make sure in the EDIINT home page the if the payload persists to TN check mark is on ( by default with EDIINT module install it will auto-check but check it one more time configuration point of view)

Most likely the payload not getting extracted by EDIINT transaction itself and activity log should give you why the payload is not extracted and persisted in the TN to show up in the Transactions page.