EDI Data not getting processed on first attempt


We are recieving EDI X12 Envelope which contains 852 data from one of the partner.The EDI X12 Envelope calls the appropiate service and gets processed but in TN Activity it shows error as “System status is NEW; user status is PROCESSED W/ ERRORS.” before calling the service and “System status is DONE; user status is PROCESSED W/ ERRORS.” after calling the service.Hence the EDI data is not getting processed correctly though there is no error on invoking the service.

The same EDI data when manually resubmitted gets processed correctly without any errors.

Can anyone please let me know the probable cause of the failure and appropiate solution for the same.

Any errors you see in the Activity Log or error logs?? Is it thru EDIINT AS2 or regular EDI processing??

Also check closely the edidata that you processed manually vs direct hit from the partner and see any issues there??


Looks like your code is setting User Status. Find out where that is being done and that should give you a troubleshooting path to follow.

Is your TN processing rule service uses the wm.tn.doc:changeStatus service for updating User Status explicitly??