TN sending 16 old EDIINT messages for no reason

While we shutdown and start webMethods server during monthly maintain, TN sending 16 old EDIINT messages. these EDIINT message are changed User Status from ‘SendMsg:DONE’ to ‘SendMsg:WAITMDN’

We took a look at Activity log and found someone processed these tasks again to resend these EDIINT for no reason. Is this a system bug? Any suggestion? Thanks advance.

They resend behind your EDIINT message changed from sendMSG:waitMDN , After those resent EDIINT Message to your partner and received the MDN with different ID and your parent EDIINT message could not be able to correlate the received MDN and status could not be able to update to Done in this case.

  1. kindly find the resend behind the resend of your EDIINT message.
  2. Try to get the existing status of the 16 Message in your system before system restart.
  3. Is this your first occurrence , are your seeing these message are resend everytime server restarts.

Hi Dinesh,
You are right. From this April until now, TN resent EDIINT for no reason while server restarted. AS2 sender and receiver are different like below.

Hi Dinesh,
The User Status of these resent EDIINT are ‘SendMsg:DONE’ before resending by TN.

Is that message are processed via scheduled EDIINT queue based delivery ?

if so was there any changes happened to the delivery Queue Name recently , Can you check if those resend message are hung for some reasons in those queue or default queue.

if it not queue. Request you to identify those message and check was there any environment changes during that time is causing this issue ? Also create support team to under this behavioral

Hi Dinesh,
We invoke wm.EDIINT:send to send the EDIINT message.

The Task Retries is 0. The AS2 receiver will receive 2 EDIINT messages with the same message ID.