Unexpectedly processed UNEDIFACT twice for a particular EDIINT message

Hi all,

We have received three EDIINT messages at same interval.But for a particular EDIINT message webMethods unexpectedly processed the UNEDIFACT twice. Can anyone suggest why this unexpected processing has happened.

Thanks in advance,

Can you describe the design of your processing solution? Are you using TN?

yes,we are using TN.

You’ll find the members here much more willing to provide assistance if you will provide the requested details such as the overall design of your solution.

Asking “hey,why am I getting duplicates?” without providing any context is not likely to get you any answers.


Hi mcarlson/reamon,

The processing design we are using is as follows.

EDIINT message is received from the partner. webMethods then process the UNEDIFACT for that message and submit the IDOC to SAP for further processing.
But this time we received 3 EDIINT messages at same time.For a particular EDIINT webMethods processed UNEDIFACT twice and send IDOC two times to SAP.The other two EDIINT messages received along with this were processed fine.

Is this fine to help me to find a solution for the above issue?

Thanks in Advance…

You still haven’t told us anything about your design. What are the TN rules you have established? What are the TPA settings? Are you splitting to the interchange, group or transaction set level? Do you have rules that process both the group and the transaction set? What processing do the services invoked by the rules do?

The likely reason for the duplicates is a setup or coding error.