EDIINT sending duplicate messages

We are setting up a partner for AS2. When we send an AS2 message the MDN is returned and status is SendMsg:DONE. Then for whatever reason TN thinks that the task failed and sends duplicate messages returning duplicate MDNs that with status ProcessMDNMsg:IGNORED and the original EDIINT message in status SendMsg:WAITMDN. Is this a setting with this partner or an EDIINT problem?


Solution: EDIINT Process Outbound Message processing rule had the Execution Mode on the Action tab set to ‘Service execution task’ as opposed to Synchronous like the EDIINT Process Inbound MDN Message - Default rule. As it turns out this was, obviously, happening for all outbound EDIINT except the ones using custom rules.

Most likely the issue with Certs mismatch could be either your side or partner side…can you check more on the algorithm you/they use and also certs serial numbers?