Urgent How does TN identify duplicate EDIINT message


Our TN v6.0.1 does not process any of the incoming EDIINT message. The userStatus displayed as “ProcessMsg:IGNORED”. But EDIINT MDN is sent back to the sender successfully.

Any idea how does TN identify EDIINT as duplicate?

Duplicates are the ones that has the same EDIINT message ID. This is extracted as TN Document ID. Query the TN for that EDIINT Message ID (TN Document ID) and if more than one ediint doc is returned, they are duplicates.

Hello… we are seeing the same issue with our EDIINT processing in TN 7.1.2. The data were indeed duplicated but the weird thing is that all the EDIINT were not processed successfully User Status: ProcessMsg:IGNORED. My assumption is that atleast the first one should be processed and the rest will be ignored as these are duplicates.

Any idea?


You mean when you received EDIINT the very first time it also failed the same dup error and which it shouldn’t?

And did you check why the TP sending duplicates any server issues on the receiving end and they keep retrying?


Correct. The initial/first also fail indicating its duplicate with the second EDIINT. I have the hypothesis that before the first EDIINT was extracted, the 2nd EDIINT was received and both were tagged as duplicate of each other. Any thought?

As for TP, we are also reaching out to them. I just want to know for now any input from experts why EDIINTs are being ignored without processing the first.

Note: We are seeing this type of failure on the EDIINT sent 3 or more times.

OK Please check this empower KB thread and see if it helps for 712 env.



“Duplicated EDIINT message” means two docs have the same messageID and digest. It is checked in the processMsg service. If you do not want to get this message in those cases you can either make sure those 2 fields are unique in regards to all other documents, or you can modify the service to disable the sequence “check duplication on docID (message id) and digest” in the service.[/b]