IS restart and ediint retriggered

Product/components used and version/fix level:

We are using IS softwareag 10.11

Detailed explanation of the problem:

When we restart the IS server.We notice the EDI data was retrigged.

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

We also delete the file created in the /opt/softwareag1011/IntegrationServer/instances/default/DocumentStore/
when we restart IS.It not worked.Please advise.Thank you!

Hi Jack,
Have not see you for a long time. To solve this this issue. You need to do one thing while you received AS2 MDN from your trading partner. To delete one record from webMethods system table DELIVERYJOB via the ConversationID of AS2 MDN message and DOCID of table DELIVERYJOB.

BizDocTypeDef t,
Partner s,
Partner r,
BizDoc d
d.DocTypeID = t.TypeID AND
d.SenderID = s.PartnerID AND
d.ReceiverID = r.PartnerID
AND (d.DocTypeID =‘EDIINT------------------’) AND
(d.ConversationID =?)
d.DocTimestamp DESC


Hi Rocky,
Thanks for the quick response.
I found something may be the root cause for the issue: the task was not updated from ‘PENDING’ to ‘DONE’ on table DELIVERYJOB. That’s why it was recognized as PENDING doc and being resubmitted after IS restarts. Deleting data(or updating the status to ‘DONE’ is) looks not the solution for this. Better to find out why updating not performs:

this figure is for normal task process:

I found you faced the same issue with me, do you still face this issue?

Hi Jack,
You are right about the task was not updated from ‘PENDING’ to ‘DONE’ on table DELIVERYJOB. Our solution is to delete this task from table DELIVERYJOB after receiving MDN message from partner. The TN server will not resend EDIINT message. This method is working well on our system for many years.

No task to resend

Please ignore this cat

Thanks for your suggestion and I will take your advice.
By the way, It’s funny that only happens for a certain partner :slight_smile: