webMethods EDI XML

when client service posting edixml to TN…Request is failing while EDINT:ProcessPayload.I traced and found EDINT Message do payload is not coming in Biz document .Can any One help Regarding EDINT Message do payload.

IN Profile MDN is requested as Asyncronous.

EDINT RULE:processPayload using EDINT Message do payload Biz doc attribute in branch condition thats why its failing But not able to find root cause.

a few things to check:
Assume your XML is coming in in AS2 envelope, make sure the content-type for this content part is: application/xml
so WM’s content handler will treat it as xml
also define a proper TN doc type for this xml.
If you have both, you will see the xml as a TN doc.
Then you can define a rule to trigger processing of this xml document.

What is your current EDIINT AS2 setup in your flow/TN to proces the XML payload so far?

Assuming you already created XML document type in the TN and custom rules to process it via EDIINT:send (Content-Type set to application/XML) along with required Delivery method/URL’s setup?


Hi all, issue is fixed after updating delivery url ,its working fine.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Great…glad it worked out for you!