Please help Start with EDIINT sample find Payload with zero size

Hi All,

I am new to webmethods. Now, I start with a project using EDIINT/AS2 to receive EDI doc.
I start to play with the EDIINT sample package after reading the doc.

by using the EDIINT.sample:send, I can send a plain edi doc without MDN to a receiver.
As I checked the “submit to TN” option in admin page, inside the Transaction Analysis screen of TN of the receiver side, I can find two rows.

for the row for EDIINT doc type (User Status = ProcessMsg:PAYLOAD), I double click it to look inside. At the “content” tab, I can see one row is the header while the other row is for payload and show zero size

Can anyone help to tell why the payload is missed or I did something wrong? I am very appreciated with your help.



Inorder to use the WM/EDIINT Payload functionality…you need to activate the payload technique from the Administration console (webpage)and click on the EDIINT link which will show the Payload link on the webbrowser left frame…

or else browse the EDIINT userguide regarding this information…