How to Extract the EDIINT Payload content comes as a "application/octet-stream"

Hi All,

One of our Partner is sending an EDIINT Payload content as a “application/octet-stream” , which contains a Flatfile data, and
I can’t able to extract that content, because as builtin service only supports for XML and EDIIFACT, So Please guide me how to extract the Payload from that Transaction and Post toTN once again,

Shankar R B

Review the EDIINT module documentation for handling EDIINT interactions.

Before you extract ,check submit it to TN option on the EDIINT admin page and that way it will extract the payload and in the pipeline bizdoc/content will have the data content for your further processing.

Refer the EDIINT userguide about more info on this submit option…



Alredy submit it to TN option on the EDIINT admin page is checked,
But it will only extract content type application/XML or application
If it is other than XML or EDIFACT then we have to write a customized service to handle that, and we have to provide fully quallifed name of respective service on EDIINT Admin page,

  But the Problem is in wm.EDIINT.rules:processPayload service,
       when the content type is other than XMl or ediifact,
           it will do a SPAWN to customized service, 
               without passing  [B]BIZDOC as INPUT,[/b] 

Please guide me, if someone has come with this issue,

Shankar R B

Did you enquired with your TP or ask them to send application/x-wmflatfile as payload content type to handle ffdata??

Is that data is related to pdf or image file??


I am getting a UCS 4010 875 document. What would be the content type for that if the partner is posting using AS2 communication ? Do i have to write a seperate EDIINT processing service or will the service in EDIINT package works ?


By default EDIINT/Module processing service should take care of payload extraction and pls make sure TP send content-type=“application/edi-x12” (exact same thing).Even when you send outbound EDI,you have to set same thing in the EDIINT:send service.


You can extract the application/octet-stream payload by creating a custom service. You enter the name of this service in the EDIINT Configuration User Process Payload Service parm. The wm.EDIINT:processPayload service will execute this custom service if application is not XML, X12, or EDIFACT. You can invoke the getContentPartData to get the payload content, mapping output to ffdata to invoke the routeFlatFile service.

Thanks for stepping up tillman…

But new issue which Stepheny posted is with Inbond UCS document (subset of X12) EDIINT module can be handled, if the TP sends content-type=application/edi-x12 or application/EDI via AS2

Please share your comments on this also.


I’m unable to answer the UCS question as I haven’t worked with that. We are at EDIINT 6.5.2 and the only content types that are being handled automatically appear to be xml, edi-x12, and edifact. I suggest trying edi-x12 to see how that is handled.

Thanks Tim.


Any resolution/update on your issue with using appropriate content-type?