EDIINT to handle applicationpkcs7mime


Can the EDIINT package for wM6.1 handle application/pkcs7-mime payloads as far as I have seen it does not.

I guess that I have to create a new services to handle EDDINT application/pkcs7-mime payloads that are inbound via SMTP.

Does any one have a link where guidelines for such services can be found?



According to EDIINT userguide the WM6.x supports the application/pkcs7-mime contenttype.

Here is the description in the EDIINTUserGuide:

EDIINT Content Handlers and the E-Mail Transaction Handler
webMethods EDI Module EDIINT registers the EDIINT content handlers and the E-Mail
Transaction Handler when the WmEDIINT package is initially loaded. The E-Mail
Transaction Handler enables EDIINT to receive EDIINT AS1 messages via SMTP.
The content handlers enable EDIINT to recognize inbound EDIINT messages and MDNs
that have the content types listed below.

Please check the same.

So by default EDIINT package services should support the application/pkcs7-mime,

I havent worked on this type,may be otherusers can share the experiences with this type of payload processing.



thank you for your response!
Can you direct me to what user guide you have (file name)? I can only find this phrase in the users guide for wM 4.6.

Another Issue I have is when I try to send a EDIINT message to a partner. When I look in the Activity Log in TN and double click on the document and under the Content tab I can see the message as two parts one named ediintdata and one payload.

In the ediintdata I can see the header of the message and there are no Content-disposition row.

The partner is expecting this message as one message without attachment.


I’m having problems with some pkcs7 content here also.
wM processMsg doesn’t handle it nor dose the processpayload service.
In one case the partner sent it as octet-stream content type. I laos have on hand a .p7s file. Running it through OpenSSL it appears to be data and certificate combined. Running it through dumpASN produces a content error but not a structural error.
Sending it through the PKCS7 verify process says no signature found if I send it as data.
What content handlers is anyone using?


Try using either of these content handlers “application/pkcs7-signature,
application/pkcs7-mime” for handling pkcs7 payload data.


I’ll admit my ignorance, how do I find those content handlers in my EDIINT package?
I’m looking there now and can’t seem to find out how to locate them. The default receive process for AS2 doesn’t reference content handlers at all.
It is set up to only receive content that is transport signed and encrypted and not content that is that way. it expects X12 or XML as content.