Adding new content type to EDIINT content handler


I am trying to add a new content-type to the EDIINT content handler, but am experiencing problems.
I want to route the payloads of AS2 transmissions to different services by the content-type. Since the EDIINT content handler only recognizes application/edi-x12,application/edifact,application/xml content-types I need to add more for the different files I want to receive.

I have tried to register a content handler, but I am not able to reference ContentHandlerFactory_EDIINT() from the wm.EDIINT package. Any suggestions?

Did you also to set the new contenttype in IS/lib/mimetypes file? and restarted IS.


I have updated the mime.types file, but the error is when I try to save the java service.

Java Code:
import wm.EDIINT.*
import ServerAPI.registerContentHandler(“application/bai”, new ContentHandlerFactory_EDIINT());
packages\EDI\code\source\edi\ package wm.EDIINT does not exist
import wm.EDIINT.*;
packages\EDI\code\source\edi\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class ContentHandlerFactory_EDIINT
location: class edi.init
ServerAPI.registerContentHandler(“application/bai”, new ContentHandlerFactory_EDIINT());

Shouldn’t the class files from WmEDIINT\code\classes\wm\EDIINT be in the classpath?

Are you sure in the IS/lib/jars whether the new classes loaded there IS expects new classes thru this classpath.


I placed the class files:
in the %IS_DIR%\lib\jars folder and I am still getting an:

‘package wm.EDIINT does not exist’ error when trying to save the registerHandler service.



the resolution I found, Don’t know if this is the best way, was: I made my package that held the register and unregister services a dependent of the WmEDIINT package. I have been able to send the new content-type and it is recognized as an EDIINT document.


Hi Douglas

I have a similar requirement and found your posting here. I need to receive a ZIP file via AS2 and drop it on the file system. Can you provide more details how you solved your requirement?