FileName in Content Disposition Header of AS2

How can I change the filename in Content-Disposition and Content-Type parameters of AS2 header?

One of our partners need filename to be sent like this. I am using Payload Content Type to send the filename through “name” attribute.

Any Thoughts??


Did you find out about this? We are having the same requirement.

Thank you.

Are you trying to replace the auto generated Message-ID in the AS2 header, with the filename, which you construct from certain values in payload?

Try these

  1. Copy EDIINT.send service and rename it
  2. Expand the service and add a Map step as shown in the Attachment

Suresh Palanisamy
customise_EDIINTMessageID.doc (49 KB)

I have a problem ,I am using a service named :Receive_test which send a doc in TN and after i am using a other service named “ExtractOrder” which write file in local disk ,in the service “ExtractOrder” i use
and in getContentart i use a right Input ,when I run the service I have a following error:

see:attachement [ISC.0049.9005] Input validation for service ‘TN:ExtractOrder’ failed: '/bizDoc/InternalID VV-005 [ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist (37.2 KB)

hello, did the solution proposed below worked for the requirement you had? I need set the filename in payload too. Please let me know if you found a solution.


You mean inside the payload content (somewhere before actual data begins) ? what is the Content-type you are trying to send edi-x12 or XML??


hi, it’s XML. What I actually need is to set the filename, I saw a case where it’s done in the payload Content-Disposition and Content-Type.

No i don’t think its a good idea to use those standard routing fields for this purpose.

Why don’t you create/embed a tag inside the XML structure itself assuming its a custom XML and not a eStandards based (CIDX,PIP,cXML…)?


Hi Rmg,

I have a similar requirement where I need to send an XML with a filename. The TP wants to see the XML placed with that filename Not filename inside the xml content.

Can this be done in Content-disposition?



But I heard using with IS/EDI 8.2.x version there is an easy way to send filename in the AS2 setting in the Content-type param:


Content-disposition is the right spot to specify a filename. Figuring out how to set it I suppose is the tricky part.

Bottom line there is no easy way in the disposition and yes tricky part as the EDI module default uses it internally putting mime :confused:

Setting of filename in content-disposition did not work in my case. The TP do not see the file land in their location with that filename.

How can we achieve sending a filename and storing it with that name on TP side.

You won’t be able to specify a complete pathname. Only a filename. The TP will need to have logic on their side to use the filename in the content-disposition and then write to whereever they want it written.

David, Are you able to success atleast just filename in the disposition as Rob mentioned above? To me it sounds no luck:

Hi Reamon,

Finally, It got working. I made the content-type = application/XML; name=filename.xml
and content-disposition= attachment; filename=filename.xml. I do not know what exactly made it appear on their side.

I’m not sure “name” is standard attribute of content-type, but filename is definitely a defined attribute for content-disposition. If you want to know for sure which made it work, try with just one and then just the other.


What version of IS/EDI Module are you using?

I know they added this setting/feature starting IS 8.x can be embed in the Content-Type section which I have mentioned earlier in comments:

But wondering how the TP will extract that part from disposition?


Dear RMG,

I am using IS 8.2 version and want to pass Folder directory in file name by usind EDIINT/send service .I tried by passing below values:-

content-type = application/XML; name=filename.xml
and content-disposition= attachment; filename=a/b/c.xml

But its not able to create mine data for that because not able to parse /.

In our client requirement ‘a’ will be main folder and ‘b’ is sub folder and c is the actual xml file.

Need your help to resolve that issue.