setting actual filename in WM but partner is receiving as datetime.edi file

I am sending a xls spreadsheet over AS2 to a partner using RSSBus as the as2 solution.
I am setting the content disposition and the message id of the EDIINT. The partner still receives it as 2015-04-01-20-29-00-752134.edi. No idea where that name is coming from.
Any ideas?

Interesting…Where do you mention it to use RSSbus for AS2 in the EDIINT:send?

Is your TP not receiving the payload and what is the content-type you have set for xls?


let me clarify. The trading partner is using RSSBus to receive the AS2 file.
I am using standard WM EDIINT processes.
The Partner is receiving the payload correctly. I set the Message ID of the EDIINT and I set the content disposition to be the filename of Test_send.xls but the name they are receiving seems to be some date time stamp.edi file.

Did you check the AS2 envelope that was sent out from WM?
My guess is that timestamp.edi is generated by the receiver’s system.

Yes. I just found out that if the filename is not set correctly then there system creates the name.
I am now trying to figure out how to set the filename attribute of the string “Content-Type: application/pkcs7-mime; name=smime.p7m;” This string is found when you look at the ediintdata in MWS.

This is the default when you do encryption.
Try to use plain (no encryption, no signing), so you can see the content disposition directly