send filename via HTTP


I am sending an edifact file over HTTP by using the wm.EDIINT:send service. At my client side the filename becomes a timestamp with edifact extension, for example “2009-03-18-14-24-59-718.edifact”

Is there a possibility that i can give a filename when i send it, so that my client can see that name in his incoming messages


If you are using AS2 protocol than there is no straight forward way to address this.

You can follow the below approach.

1-> get the stream mime header
2-> convert it to string
3-> update the entry you are looking for ( “name” in your case)
4->After making the changes, convert the string to stream.

In EDIINT:Send, you can call the service which you created ( which handles the above mentioned points) with mimedata as input.

Can you set the content-disposition header in the HTTP headers? Will the receiving system honor that if it is sent?

My guess is that there is no way for you to control what the receiving system does–including whether or not it even writes it to disk.

The changes i recommended will reflect in “ediintdata”, when the receiving system process the data, based on the “ediintdata” header values. It should see the customized values which are being sent.