Create user defined EDIINT header fields


I have a requirement to transfer image files by EDIINT and trasfer the file name somewhere in the header.
I could not figure out how to do it using the flowservices in webmethods packages.
Any help with this would he greatly appreciated !
Best regards

You can send the image files as content of the EDIINT outbound message.
Try the following for file name with the “data content-type” as:



Hi Tahira,

Once the outbound msg hits the destination (another webMethods instance running EDIINT receive), how can we extract the value of var “name” you suggested to add? Should I just do a sub-string or is there any other more elegant way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

For webMethods substring is only way I am aware of. But for other packages as Cyclone, GXS etc that act only as AS2 Hubs this content-type and filename are used to store the data in the appropriate directory (edi, binary etc) with this filename.

Hi Tahira
Thank you for your suggestion, it worked fine for sending the message. But at the receiving webmthods , I get an error “ getBodyPart not supported on non multipart message”
The only thing I did differently was supply a gif file to contecnt and define content type as “application/octet-stream;name=podscan.jpg” to the wm.ediint.send flowswervice.

Do I need to defne a special content handler or something to handle the content type ? … any idea ??
thanks in advance