AS2 - Outbound filename preservation - please Help!

I need to know how to receive an non EDI outbound file with the orginal file name from WebMethods to nuBridges Commerce Suite. Currently when a file arrives from the WebMethods customer it is:

The original filename is not part of this filename…

The are the some of the mime header settings I’ve retrieved from my customer:

EDIINT data content type - application/EDIFACT; name=arpchkpaid.txt
Request MDN - synchronousMDN
Request signed receipt true
Compressed false
Filename Header Field Content-Disposition

Are there any additional steps or procedures I can communicate to my trading partner to administer the system to send me the files accordingly?

Thanks for the assistance!

I think you should check certificate settings, Because the filename looks not be parsed out from EDIINT mine header

There are two ways: unofficially you can put it after the content type for the payload, ie. text/plain;filename=xxxxxxxx. Officially there is a draft AS2 spec which is supported in wm8 where it’s included in the content part header. Different systems may want either way.

Good to know about this feature…I just missed it: