Splitting EDIINT for outbound messages

We have a running interface that sends outbound EDIINT messages to the partner. I would like to know if there is an option to split the payload at the transaction level for these outbound messages. We can split the inbound EDIINT messages but not the outbound ones. The reason we need to split the outbound messages is to generate a report of all transaction sets that have been sent out. The EDI type is EDIFACT.
Pls note that EDITPA settings of split option at transaction level for the outbound messages have not helped.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

When you set Outbound partner specific TPA split option to Transaction, then it should split for EDIFACT documents (UNEDIFACT Envelope for UNB and UNEDIFACT Group for UNZ/UNEDIFACT transaction set for each UNH)…Is this not happening?


No we have tried this option and it doesnt work. We dont have any issues with the inbounds though. At present I have logged a case with SAG and will have a technical netviewer session soon.

OK…Thanks for the update and let this forum also know the SAG’s resolution!


I have a partner send me EDI 875 using AS2 communication. I get the EDIINT and process the payload. An FA has to be sent back to the partner for the order. As soon as the order processes, an Envelope is generated which probably should generate an EDIINT message. EDIINT message for this FA is not generated. I am not sure of what i am missing. Can someone let me know. I set up a TPA for this partner too.


What you should do is setup a partner specific Processing Rule for that Outbound X12 997 that triggers a custom service which will have EDIINT:send service logic and it routes to your partner.

For EDIINT MDN receipt it is automatic send anyways.