Issue with EDI Splitting

Hi ,

I experienced an issue recently on 7.1.2 Version.

For EDI Inbound Transactions, when i see EDI INT Payload it contains all the required data in proper format.

But at times after spliting the generated X12 envelope does not seem to have proper data. Like it misses few segments like IEA , GE.

But this happenes for few transactions only…Is it ever experienced by anybody? Anything to do with new version of webMethods?? it was never experienced with wM 6.1.

Is TN Large doc handling is enabled or configured?

If yes it will show data bytes by bytes when you view document content in the Transaction Analysis, underneath you should see show next bytes icon where you can navigate till end of the document GE/IEA.



Thanks for the response.
But what i observed is that even the issue had occured for a very small file with minimal number of transactios(1-2).

When i check for Content of Transaction, i can see there is only 1 Part . So i don’t think there might be another part which contains the missing parts of the Envelope.

I can also see many transactions with huge records inside are going through…without any issue…the failure happens at time regardless of the transaction volume.

It sounds like issue is weird and intermittently it happening?

Yes…It happens at times only…Not always.,