X12 4010 850 transaction not splitting into X12 Group and X12 Envelope

I am trying to post one X12 4010 850 transaction to TN and it’s not getting split into X12 Group and X12 Envelope. However, appropriate processing rule is getting invoked and transactions are getting successfully processed to the target system. This is only happening with 850 transactions for all partners but other transactions like 855 or 997 are getting splitted.
I heard that if splitOption in the default EDITPA is set to transaction, then it that case we should have two additional entries for X12 Group and X12 Envelope in TN Transaction Analysis. Moreover, this is only happening in only one environment and if the same transaction is posted in some other environment we are able to see all the three entries in TN Transaction Analysis.

Can anyone here throw some light on this.


Do you have any other partner specific TPA’s defined by any chance (the 850 sender/receiver you are testing with) and can you compare more with working vs not working environment?

Is your test for 855’s,997 similar to posting to TN and they split for inbound?

Please check it: