Autgenerate FA not splitting in TN

When I receive an inbound 850 document an autogenerated FA is creating. But it is not splits and load into Interchange, Group, and Transaction documents.

Only the “X12 Envelope” Document type is in TN. The splitoption in TPA is “Transaction”.

I am expecting 3 document types in TN.

  1. X12 Envelope
  2. X12 4010 997
  3. X12 Group

Is there a special configuration to do this? Please help

Raju Jose

Is your IB 850 splitting fine?? also check the TPA if it applies to FA for that sender/receiver of FA setup for outbound…


Yes, Inbound 850 splitting fine. Seems the TPA config is correct.

Is your outbound FA sender/receiver statisfies the TPA that you configured so that split works?? can you debug more with the setup??

It’s curious that you want to split the outgoing 997 docs.

As rmg alludes to, the TPA in question here is the one with your company as the sender and the external company as the receiver. Check that you have a TPA for that relationship and not just for external company as sender and your company as receiver. Or, you can configure the default TPA to split.

Did you check this? Anyway why do you want to see splits for FA? you should be processing X12Envelope outbound isn’t or is your proc rule is looking for diff doc type?

Thanks for all your help.
We have another application that we create a 997 document and load into TN by routexml service. When it loads, it splits the 997 docucment.

I thought the Autogenerate FA suppose to work the same way. But it is not. Now I have the processing rule by X12Envelope.

Splitting is controlled by the TPA. Which TPA is used is determined by the sender and receiver. The TPA for a doc from A --> B is different than the TPA from B --> A. Confirm you are reviewing/configuring the correct TPA when investigating the split of the generated FA.


Pls check the above said info…to start debugging with.