Outbound EDI splitting


I’m having a problem getting TN 6.1 to split my outbound EDI envelope/group/transaction. It will split the envelope into the groups, but will not split to the transaction. Here is what I am doing:

  1. Mapping from an external format to EDI X12 or UCS.
  2. Adding Group Envelope and IC Envelope to the EDI transaction.
  3. Routing the EDI string to TN.
  4. TN is splitting the Envelope to groups but is not splitting to the tx.
  5. My TPAs are set up to split to the Transaction, however I noticed in the EDI Module Users guide that for the outbound EDI, that it’s only looking of a split variable of Interchange or Group but not Transaction.

Can anyone add insight here? Am I limited to only splitting outbound to the group level?



Setup your transaction looping around the add IC and group envelope to be for each transaction and send the document to TN inside that loop. You will need to control this level of splitting outside of TN in your service that adds the envelopes and sends to TN. Loop through each transaction adding the envelope for each one and send to TN then process the next transaction. As far as I know TN will not do this for you and is assuming you will send the grouping in the manner you expect TN to send it to the trading partner.
Good Luck!

Thanks for the message. I actually found my error and fixed it. For anyone else that had a similar problem, I was not supplying a blank value to the SE segment when I was building my EDI. For this reason, my ST did not end successfully. This also caused a greater problem of not even showing document content in the Content tab. Just Document content is not available.