Understanding EDI splitOption

Hi Guys,

I have been reading EDI concepts/user guide and one thing confused me. Could you validate if my understanding is correct.

If splitOption is set to Transaction:

EDI recognizer splits inbound EDI document and creates separate document for each transaction by re-enveloping each transaction with its group and interchange segments from original message.

This seems logical.
What I do not understand is why it then submits to TN not only newly created “transaction” documents, but also documents which are split at group and interchange (original) level:

So, I understand it in a way that for “Transaction” split option EDI recognizer submits all of this:

  1. re-inveloped transaction documents - one per transaction within original document (each enveloped with group and interchange from original message)
  2. re-inveloped group documents - one per group within original document (each enveloped with interchange from original message)
  3. interchange document - basically, this is original document.

What is a point in such redundancy? What is a purpose of it? Maybe I understand it incorrectly?

Thank you.

it gives you the flexibility to apply your own processing logic on any level.
Some people want to just process documents on transaction level, some want it on group level, some on interchange level. They can all be happy with these options.

So, it really works in this way? I did not misunderstand it?
I can simply drop those documents which I do not want to process?

Thank you.

Yes that is the splitOption does and Transaction view page you will see all 3 docs for each EDI X12 and so you can process it at any level of usage (Interchage,Group or Transaction set itself)


Hello I have been using techforum to browse answers to my queries, but unable to figure out the link to raise a new question. Please help, though silly.

So I am asking my question here.

I am new to B2B, so I am going through the Software AG documentation for EDI. The question is, what is the recognizer service name as described under topic “Initial Processing of the EDI Recognizer”?

My guess from what I understand is, it is referring to wm.tn.doc:recognize service. But then again another confusion arrives when I read this line “The WmEDIforTN package adds an EDI recognizer to Trading Networks” as the recognize service belongs to WmTN package.

Yes wm.tn.doc:recognize service is the core to the TN in regards to processing and recognition of the biizdoc for the sender/receiver/document type criteria so the processing routing works fine and you can always review more about this service in TN built-in references guide for more info.