Identifying Group Sender

Hello Experts,

For inbound processing, we need to identify all the transactions at the group level ie. group sender id and group receiverid and doc type in the edi.

I have set the splitOption to group in the editpa.

What other configuration needs to be done to identify the transactions at group level?

Please help!! Urgent…


Please help in non standard proceessing of edi documents. I went through the documentation, but still stuck. The group sender id and group receiver id is unidentified in the TN.

Do you mean, the Partner Profile Group identification? If so, you will not see the Profile Group name in TN Transaction Analysis… You will only see the Partners that are under the TN Partners Profile Group.


Hello Senthil,

Thanks for your reply. Actually if an edi document submitted to the TN, it splits the document based on the splitOption variable and extracts the envelope sender/ receiver which for each submitted doc.

The requirement is to split the document at group level and identify the sender and receiver at group (GS and GE) level instead of the envelope level(ISA/IEA). is this possible in webMethods version 7.1.2?


TN recognizes Sender/Receiver only through ISA segment in EDI… Later while processing through the service, you can write logic to split at Group level, but I dont think it is possible for recognition under Group level…


I also agree with Senthil on this…