Receiving EDI Document

I am new to wM ,
I am sending an EDI Document , plz tell me the flow services that would recognize the EDI Document and then process the document…

Thanks in Advance

Rakesh if you are using Trading Networks with EDI then you can send your edi file to service. If no Trading Networks I sugest to install WmEDI package - (EDI Adapter) and read the documentation on how to set it up to porcess your EDI files.

Hi Igor,

Thanks for your response,
I have done that but i have one more question for you.
In the transaction analysis, i got to see 3 documents
X12 4010 850 with sender ID and receiver ID Known
X12 Group with sender ID and receiver ID Know
X12 Envelope with Sender ID and receiver ID Unknown
I have double checked my Profile ID’s ,EDITPA…

Still i get the same error,

Please help me to solve the problem…


I am not 100% sure why you get this especially on envelope. But EDI Envelope, Group and ST transaction potentially can carry differnt sendr/reciever IDs! Check if you reciever field has same ID on all 3 in this case Envelope, Group and ST segment for your PO 850. Also based on ID type you use like DUNS number or user defined in TN you have to set this id with correct type to be recognized. Or perhaps your file EDI ENvelope not a DUNS number in then you must porvide a second ID as user defined for this customer profile.

You must setup your sender/receive ID and qualifiers in TN profile as External ID types.
ie. if your Partner’s Qualifer is 01 then set the External ID type for the partner as DUNS and the value as the Partner’s Sender ID.
if it’s 08 then set it as Phone.

This in done in TN profiles on the Corporate Tab.


Hi Igor and Chris

Thanks for your response…

Can you please let me know the difference between SenderID and Sender Identifier…

Because when i submit my EDI Document through the WmEDIforTN console i get different SenderID and Sender Identifier…

Moreover i have checked my profiles and partners profile tab …I have entered the External ID type as DUNS…

Hope i have given u the sufficient information