Sending EDI X12 doc to TN


once after creating doctypes using WMEDI home page->doc exchange->Install doc types.we will get x12 4010 850,x12 Envelope,x12 group.

so which steps we have to follow to submit sample x12 document.
If any one has idea please let me know.


1)You can submit edidata sample from WmEDI homepage itself that will invoke of that particular TN.
2)create sendEDItoTN service in the developer that have logic:
Map step – (create ‘edidata’ TN reserved variable and setValue with sample data) (here no explicit mapping required and this will route edidata to TN)

Make sure you created the TN profile,processing rule,TPA for that specific partner EDI X12 4010 850 you are submitting (ISA,GS sender/receiver ids)



  1. I have created TN Profiles,Processing rules which contains document type as x12 4010 850 and TPA .

  2. submitted document by using EDI home page .Then i got the following errors in TN activity log.

 Error EDI For TN Invalid data - [Unexpected segment: 89 *03062]
 Error EDI For TN EDI qualifier: , ID:  [EDIFTN.000010.000232]
 Error EDI For TN EDI qualifier: , ID:  [EDIFTN.000010.000232]

document has attached in the attachements.please check.
  1. i have taken
    i) map step (in the map step created a string variable called edidata )
    ii) (edidata mapped to node)
    when i execute this service in developer i am getting same errors like how i am getting when i submit via edi home page. :frowning:

sample.txt (977 Bytes)

I have edited/corrected data length this part in the ISA segment
0112349876 ss123456789 *

Try with the attached file and test it.

Make sure you have TN profile sender/receiver externalid’s setup for DUNS(01) and ss(UserDefined1??) and its values

sample_rmg.txt (988 Bytes)

Thank you for your reply…

i have used the document which you shared as well i created EDI ID qualifiers 01(external id type is x.12 ) in enterprise and in the partner profile i created ss(external id type is User Defined 1).Even though same errors is coming and its not recognising sender and receiver (taking as 000000000000000000000000 for both) when i submit via EDI home page.

could you please let me know the steps how to take.


I have simlar situation here, but in my case, I’m looking in how to mimic an EDIINT document sent by one of the VANs.

It sends an EDIINT doc with many EDI docs grouped by their type. An example:

| ±-EDIdoc1
| ±-EDIdoc2

I looked the 6-5-2_EDI_Module_Built-In_Services_Reference.pdf doc, but it doesn’t give ant clue on how to generate such type of EDIINT doc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sender qualifier 01(external id type selection should be DUNS) and try the reciever qualifier ZZ (external id type selection set to Mutually Defined)

And then edit the sample 850 data with the sender 01 and reciever ZZ qualifiers,submit to TN see how it works now to make sure the your TN partner setups works fine atleast one time.



i was trying to set sender qualifier 01 and external id type selection set to DUNS then i am getting the following error.

Below Error:
Profile Data Error
(1) The DUNS ID is used as the Integration Server account name. The partner may not have more than one DUNS ID., no change made on server

i am not able to create more than one DUNS number as we have already have a DUNS as external Id Type with the value 12349876.
In TN 6.1 we dont have feature of creating multiple DUNS which we have in TN 4.6.

receiver external ID type i modified to mutually defined with value ZZ.

and one more doubt i have , generally we are creating external ID types in EDI home page -> partner setup->add external iD types

so those will come under TN external ID types to identify the EDI documents then we can set values to these ID types only right (for ex:external id x.12 with the value 01.
if we should not set like this then what is the use of external id types which we are creating in EDI home page.

Please let me know whether my underssstanding is correct or not

i tried all the ways you suggested still on the same problem.


It’s weird that why it is still not working…May be you are missing some required part…You cannot create same DUNS(01) value as it is being used/exist in diff partner profile…but you can create multiple DUNS (diff values) for the same partner.



Existing one i dint use…any how i will check what might be wrong and let you if any thing required…

thank you so much for your inputs.


I modified the sample file and attaching it. The problem was with the interchange header. the length and the position are not in proper order.

And one more suggestion which doesn’t relate to the TN recognizance. The amount in the SAC segment is N2 type so it must be 2000 instead of 20.00

Hope this will work out
sample _Modified.txt (1005 Bytes)

Yes i am with you…ISA header length with sender/receiver id length issue need to be fixed and then it should work as expected.



I had similar issue submitting X12 documnet to TN.The scenario is:

  1. Inbound to us with qualifier 14 is showing unknown user.We have set TN profile properly.
    DUNS :14(ISA ID)

User Defined 1:ISA ID

User Defined 3:14(ISA ID)

But still i am getting an error in TN saying the sender is not identified.

2.Similarly when i send (Outbound) i get the same error?

Do i need to add qualifier 14 to the X12 in TN?

Kindly suggest.

Thanks & Regards.

Yes, you should add the qualifier (EAN) ExternalIDType Qualifier (ie X12 14) in the TN Partner Profile instead of using the User Defined3.


Thnaks RMG,

I had added EAN only thing i was doing was adding 14+ ISA id; once i used ISA ID alone., it worked.

Appreciate for your helping hand.

Would need your help going ahead as well.


Your welcome…You can also search in this forum,lot of posts already discussed esp EDI side of it.