EDI ID Qualifier for User Defined External Id Types


What is the EDI ID Qualifier for User Defined 1, User Defined 2, User Defined 1 (External ID Types in TN prfoiles)?

For DUNS the Qualifier is 01 and for Mutually Defined IDs the qualifier is ZZ. Similarly I want to know the EDI ID Qualifiers for User Defined External ID Types.



Any qualifier greater than 20 or null value is considered as UserDefined…But there is no specific value as such for UserDefined in the EDI world.


In 4.6, only the User Defined 1 is usable. Any qualifier that is not 01 nor ZZ is considered to be User Defined 1. For 6.x, additional qualifiers can be used and mapped to TN-aware ID types and User Defined 1 - 4 are not needed.


The service “wm.b2b.editn:ediPartnerIDToTNPartnerID” is able to recognize the correct profile If i use the ID Qualifier as null for User Defined 1 ID.

But when I try to give null as my id qualifier in EDITPA GSRouting/SenderQualifier, it is taking that qualifier as * and TN is not able to recgonize the sender. Eventhough null is there in the qualifier field of TPA, When I look into the output of tn.receive service it is taking the value as *.

Pleasea let me know how to proceed.


Null is not a valid value to use for an ID qualifier.

What qualifier is being used for the partner? If it is not 01 or ZZ (as you’ve indicated) then place that qualifier in the TPA. Place the corresponding ID in the User Defined 1 ID in the profile.

Forgot to ask: what version of IS are you using?

We are using IS 6.1.

Use the EDI for TN administration pages to add additional ID qualifier to TN external ID type mappings.


For your UserDefined query,please follow my comments above,it should work.


I think you’re right RMG that any qualifier other than 01 or ZZ will map to User Defined 1 (again, User Defined 2, 3 and 4 are never used by the EDI modules) but I’m not sure cuz I’ve never tried it in 6.x. In my opinion, in 6.1 User Defined 1 should never be used for EDI since there is a way to define additional external ID types in TN that correspond to the EDI ID qualifiers. Relying on the default behavior of all non-01/ZZ qualifiers to map to User Defined 1 can make profile management more tedious unnecessarily.

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I agree with you Rob.Thank you for details as always you are very narrative,wmusers are learning lot from your posts…

We are using WM 6.0.1 and having problem recognizing the external ID in TN. What would be the External ID Type for Qualifier ‘02’. I have tried using User Defined 1 but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to add/relate an EDI Qualifier to an external ID type in TN?

Thanks in advance


In EDI X12 for “02” qualifier you have to select SCAC in the ExternalID type section.

If SCAC code not listed in the TNConsole profile externalid then login to ISAdminConsole/WmEDI page install the externalid types select SCAC in the list.Referesh your TN console and you should see the new externalID type.


In X12 the 02 qualifier is associated with the SCAC (standard carrier alpha code). In TN 6.1 this external ID type can be added to TN from the EDI for TN administration page on your IS. You can find the exact steps to do this in the EDI Module Users guide.


I followed the steps and its working now. Thanks much for the help.

BTW - Can you please point me to the WM Docs where I can find the details about this topic? I was searching in WM EDI TN Docs and couldn’t any information about this.

The process is detailed in the EDI Module User’s Guide for version 6.0.1 on page 101. If you don’t already have it, login to Advantage and go here: http://advantagebv.webmethods.com/bookshelf/_webMethods_eStandards/webMethods_EDI_Module/EDI_6_0_1/webMethods_EDI_Module_Users_Guide_6.0.1.pdf


Glad to hear it is working now…

For a EDI quick reference here you go.

ExternalID’s and Types:
01 X12=Duns, EDIFACT=Duns
02 X12=SCAC
03 X12=FMC,
07 X12=GLN,
09 X12=X 121 CCITT, EDIFACT = Duns with 4 digit suffix
10 X12=DoD Activity Address
11 X12=DEA
12 X12=Phone, EDIFACT=Telephone Number
13 X12=UCS
14 X12=Duns Plus Suffix, EDIFACT=EAN
15 X12=PAS of Canada Code
16 X12=Duns Number with 4-char suffix
17 X12= ABA routing number
18 X12=AAR Std Distribution Code, EDIFACT=AIAG
19 X12=EDICA Comm Id
20 X12=HIN
21 X12=IPEDS
23 X12= NCES
24 X12=ATP
25 X12=ACT, Inc. 4-digit Code postsecondary institutions
26 X12=Statistics of Canada list of postsecondary institutions
27 X12=HCFA carrier
28 X12=HCFA Fiscal Intermediary
29 X12=HCFA Medicare provider
30 X12=US Federal Tax Id, EDIFACT=ISO 6523 id
31 X12=IAIABC Jurisdiction id plus 4, EDIFACT=DIN
32 X12=US Federal Employer Id (FEIN)

[SIZE=1]Thanks RMG ,

This list of External Ids & qualifiers really helps[/size]

Following on from here, I am using outbound Edifact 92.1 ORDRSP, INVOIC & TAXCON. In the UNB segment I need to use my partners mailbox id, plus a qualifier [ZZ] plus a routing id [A001]. I currently have the external ID defined in the Trading partner as Mutually defined to cover the ZZ qualifier. When I process the document, the Edifact Envelope recognises the sender and receiver correctly, but the actual document, eg: Edifact INVOIC reports the receiver as Unknown with the Error being “EDI Qualifier: ZZ, ID: A001 [EDIFTN.000010.000232]”. Please could someone advise how the external ID should be set to correct this ?


What is your current processing rule setup based either on INVOIC
or Envelope or Group level?? In the TAnalysis for EDIFACT INVOIC the documenttype showing as “unknown” default rule getting selected?? I guess there might be some issue in your processing rule setup itself can you check it??