Wmtndocrecognize do not recognize interchange ID 08

Hi everyone,

I would like to know why do wm.tn.doc:recognize do not recognize the interchange ID 08 (ack file). In trading network it is setup to User defined2. If I change the “08” by “ZZ” into the file and add the Interchange Mutually defined into Trading Network. The “recognize” works.

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What is the documentType you are posting to TN?

Also please check this thread.

Mark posted different add External ID’s which have to be followed in EDI documents.(like Quick Reference)



The document type is X12 4010 997


Which version of IS/TN are you using?

For 4.6, you cannot use User Defined 2 for anything related to EDI documents. You can only use the following ID qualifier mappings:

01 - DUNS
ZZ - Mutually Defined
xx - User Defined 1, where xx is any value other than 01 or ZZ

You can have multiple User Defined 1 entries for a profile, so if you need to support 08, 12, 14, etc. you can add in all the different types of identifiers as User Defined 1.

For 6.x, you use the EDI Administration pages to add the external ID type to TN. In the case of 08, you’d add the UCC type. Then in TN Console you’d configure the identifier for each profile that uses UCC.


I’m using Version 4.6 so we will stay with the patch!

I don’t understand how we can use more than one User defined 1. It’s already assign to 12. Can you explain?

Thank you.

As long as the value is different in the Userdefined1,when used multiple times it will still work.


As RMG points out, it will work.

The way the EDI module in 4.6 works is that it looks at the qualifier from the EDI doc. If it is anything other than 01 or ZZ, it will look for a User Defined 1 value that matches the EDI identifier. Meaning if the qualifier is 12 it will look at User Defined 1, if the qualifier is 08 it will look at User Defined 1, etc. The EDI module, when figuring out which partner is the sender or receiver, never looks at any other identifier types–thus User Defined 2 and User Defined 3 are never used by the EDI module (in 4.6).

Your profile might look like this:

Profile XYZ
DUNS - 123456789
Mutually Defined - XYZ
User Defined 1 - 1112223333 (for qualifier 12 - phone)
User Defined 1 - 6661110100 (for qualifier 08 - UCC)

The EDI module will match to the appropriate profile. TN Console will prevent multiple User Defined 1 from having the same value.

Lastly, as I recall TN didn’t used to allow multiple external IDs of the same type for a given profile but I don’t remember what version had that limitation. There was a patch available that would allow it.

I believe all the pre4.6 versions have that limitation and in 4.6 with that patch it started allowing.


I add a User Defined 1 into Trading Network and it works.

Thank you so much.