EDIINT change partner ID Type

wm.EDIINT:receive use the DUNS id on the Partner profile to recongnize the partner. Is there a way to change that to user Defined 1?
This problem occur because i’m not able to modify the doctype definition in TN!!!


Actually the receiving EDI Document (generally external IDs with Qualifier)has to match exactly TN Partner profile inorder to recognize the sender and receiver.

But if receiving document uses (DUNS with 01) and if TN partner profile uses (UserDefined or mutually defined with ZZ) then i believe there is no way to force in TN and it will fail saying unknown receiver…

Either partner side or your side needs to be compromised by using the matching ID’s

We got by writing a wrapper service where in we obtain the InternalId of the partner using the ExternalId and the Qualifier. There is no other way I know off.

The easiest thing to do is just duplicate the ID with the DUNS qualifier in your partner profile. So you will have the same ID defined for both DUNS and User Defined 1.


Select the Partners in the TN and go to: Tools; Server Setup; Profile and chose in Required External ID type.

I have a similar problem. Even though i have defined the user defined 1 TN is not recognising the receiver. The id type is 08. Does anyone know what it is. Do i have to update the TN dictionary with new ID type.