EDI Partner ID to TN Partner ID qualifier

I want to share the following with the wMUsers community.
To lookup the a profile using EDI Sender Id and Receiver Id in the UNB segment, TN uses the SenderId/ReceiverId-qualifier to match via the TN 'External ID Type '.
If no qualifier is present in the UNB segment, the value ‘User Defined 1’ is used.
Qualifier ‘01’ is ‘DUNS’, ‘ZZ’ is ‘Mutually Defined’.
The complete list can be found in service 'wm.b2b.editn:ediPartnerIDToTNPartnerID’ and if you have additional qualifier values, they can be coded via your own service ‘custom.EDIIDMapping:addEDIIDMapping’ having input parameter “qualifier” and returning the parameter “idType” (eg ‘UD2’ —> ‘User Defined 2’)
Regards, Willy

Thanks willy for sharing your ideas!!

This post has really helped me to resolve the issue. Thanks Willy.