EDI qualifier 14 in TN

I need to use the EAN number as a sender id in TN. The qualifier for this is 14 in TN, but I can’t find it in the drop down list TN.

Any ideas as to how I can do this in TN 6.5?

Thanks in advance for your time

Do you mean that you are not seeing in the WmEDIForTN homepage where you can install EDIQualfier id’s?? You should definetly see this qualifier listed there in the edi homepage and then in the TNConsole Externalid’s dropdown.


HI Akalamkar,

As rmg suggested you need to Install the EDIQualifer id’s? we faced lot of problems because of qualifier 14, it was DUNS+Suffix but now it is changed to EAN.
please check the following case in Advantage site
Please correct me RMG if I am wrong.


It could be with 14 but i dont think there are variations in the other qualifiers…You can still use that install EDIQualifier id’s…from EDI homepage…

JSree,BTW the EAN qualifier is for EDIFACT standards…


From the EDI Module User’s Guide:

The doc goes on to describe how to override and add any qualifier code value.

And this thread in the forums also covered this item. A Google search for “ean qualifier edi” lists that thread as number 1!

I would gently remind readers that reviewing the documentation and searching the forums before posting questions can often lead to a quick and easy resolution.

how to program using tnremote

what is your question again?? can you please be clear on your query elaborately??


Thanks - adding EAN to the profile worked for me in 7.1

Yes thats correct Jsun.


TN6.5 does the exact oposite searching for DUNS+Suffix when processing x12. Qualifier 14 translates to EAN. Our short term fix is to tell the TNprofile that the External ID Type is EAN so it will recognize the ‘14’ we want it to use.
WmEDI version 6.5.2

wm.b2b.editn:ediPartnerIDToTNPartnerID makes no distinction for ANSI X12 or UN/EDIFACT