EDIFACT Sender and Receiver without Qualifier

Hello WM Experts.

We have a new project with one of our TP which is using EDIFACT.
They sent the example file to us and it is failing in our WM due to:
[Invalid Receiver ID [EDIFTN.000010.000234]]
EDI qualifier: null, ID: PARTNER1 [EDIFTN.000010.000232]

This is the capture of the EDIFACT message:

How do we setup TPA without the Sender Qualifier?
And how do we setup the TP Profile ID Type for this?

Appreciate if anyone has any suggestion.

Thank you and Best Regards,
Fanny T

Hi Fanny,
Your answers are here below:
–For TPA you don’t need put qualifier. You need to select sender and receiver combination while defining TPA for one partner.

  • In partner profile you need to select user defined 1 as IDType. It is bound with null value in TN table. You can refer IDType and EDI_Qualifier_Info tables in TN DB.

Hope this is what you were looking for:-)

Kuldeep Gupta


Hello Kuldeep,

Many thanks for the answer.
This is what i am looking for and you nailed it!!!

Thank you again.

Best Regards,
Fanny T

Glad to hear… Enjoy!!

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