Submitted EDIFACT document is not recognized in TN.

Hi Guys,

I am trying to implement processing of an inbound EDI message : EDIFACT D96A to IDOC, and I stuck on the very first step - EDIFACT document is not recognized in the system (top screenshot in the attached file).
I attached a file with screenshots of my setup. Here is a description of what I did:

  • I added EDIFACT D96A document type through standard WM menu. Verified that corresponding schema appeared in Designer.
    I added two trading partners, and for each of them added external id with type “EAN” (qualifier 14 in edifact message) that match sender and receiver in my test message.
    I added TPA between these two partners with IS Doctype - wm.b2b.editn.TPA:EDITPA. Did not change anything in it (default values). Enabled it.
    I added a processing rule which invokes debugLog service with a message. I did it to check if message was recognized and correct service called.

My EDIFACT message header is:
UNA:+.? ’

So, my question is what I am missing that it is not recognized?

Thanks for help.

Hi Alexey, I created that EDI doc type in our test environment and copy/pasted your EDIFACT ORDER snippet in the MWS Submit Documents screen and the doc type was recognized by TN. The partner and EDITPA setup is irrelevant at this point. Of course, I only had the first part of the EDIIFACT ORDERS document, so validation failed, but the doc was still recognized. How did you submit your document? Did you use the Submit Documents screen and, if so, did you select EDI Document Format?

Yes the EDIIFACT snippet works for my test too TN recognizing…basically check the submit as mentioned above.


Hi Guys,

Thank you for trying to help.
I submit documents through Submit Documents screen in B2B Settings. I use Upload FIle and EDI options with PRT ignore set to true (otherwise it fails with some DB error).

Because it worked for you I decided to start from scratch on a new virtual machine.
Did the same things:

  • Added two TPs with EAN codes
    Added D96A edifact message
    Created processing rule for these trading partners + D96A message → show message in a server log.
    Did not create a TPA (there is a default EDITPA)

What I get now is that the message is recognized like this - screenshot attached.
So, from here I have a few questions:

  1. Why is it recognized only as EANCOM Envelope? I expected it to recognize exact message - D96A because I added this DocType. I know that for custom doc types Identifying Query should be setup for recognition, but my understanding is that EDI is supported with built-in functionality if required packages are installed (they are).
  2. Why there are four other transactions before “EANCOM Envelope” as a result of submitting the file?

I tried to move up my specific processing rule for this case, but it did not help.

Waiting for your advice, guys.

Hi Everyone,

One of my colleagues helped me with this :slight_smile:
It did not work for me because I added UNEDIFACT 96A message, while I had to add EANCOM 96A message. I always thought these are only different names for the same standard. After I did it the message was correctly recognized.
I also know why there were 5 transactions: 1 for envelope and 4 per each order in the file (did not notice there were 4 of them).

I hope this will help someone in future :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for help.

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Glad to hear issue is resolved and human error happens :slight_smile:



I am also doing same POC and i am getting same error as you mentioned on the top of this thread.

Can you please send me the data you submitted in TN if you have or help me to get result from this POC.



Hi Surya,

Do you have the correct EDIFACT payload for the test you are trying?

What format you are actually doing POC EDIFACT or EANCOM messages and as per your screenshot it is EANCOM ?


Hi Surya,

I’m not familiar with EANCOM specifically, but it appears to be a subset of UN/EDIFACT. Your TN is recognizing the document type as EANCOM, but is unable to determine the sender and receiver which, I’m pretty certain, are based on the Sender/Receiver ID’s/Qualifiers in the UNB (Interchange Header segment). Those ID’s and qualifiers must be added as external ID’s in their corresponding TN partner profiles.


Hi Surya,

What Mary has mentioned is correct, most likely your EDI document is not recognized due to EDI ID qualifier not able to resolve to a valid TN partner profile.

Please read page 59 of

From what I can see, it’s able to recognize the EANCOM envelope, but not the actual EANCOM payload. Hence that indicates something is not right there.

You can also increase the logging level to TRACE in IS subsystems for TN and also EDI adapter to see more details.

Hi Surya,

Based on the experts opinions above as suggested check your EANCOM payload (data) and cross check the EDI ID (Sender,Receiver qualifier/value) are matched with respect to the TN ExternalID configuration in the MWS/TN Partner Profile’s section. This way the first step of TN recognition will work and triggers the PR (rule) for it’s further processing.

ID’s and qualifiers must be added as external ID’s in their corresponding TN partner profiles.

Test the above solution and post your results again!