X12 Envelope Errors

I am getting errors when trying to route EDI documents:

Inbound Control Number - , expect all decimal digits [EDIFTN.000010.000223]

I believe this is because it is not recognizing the delimiters that are being passed in with the EDI. Here is the ISA segment that should be getting processed:

ISA00 00 01015106482SET ZZUL4260550-T 1706081332U004010000015440P>~

This does work in our production environment, but doesn’t seem to work in our DEV/TEST environments.

Never mind. It seems that when I opened/saved the file to change the sender ID and Receiver ID it was corrupting the file somehow.

Gotcha…Make sense!

Hi rmg,

Am too facing the same issue but i don’t see my file getting corrupted.

What is the root cause for this issue.

Please advice.


What is the exact error you are facing? Also can you try to change to default delims and try again and also is this happening in production env?