X12 not recognised , error thrown as Invalid data - [Unexpected large segment]


while i am submitting the x12 data from admin page , i have encountered the error Invalid data - [Unexpected large segment] and the x12 was not recognized, while i checked in activity log i see a series of errors like EDI qualifier: , ID: [EDIFTN.000010.000232] and EDI qualifier: , ID: [EDIFTN.000010.000232]… could any one help me resolve this… i have attached the edi file i am submitting…


testEDI.txt (3.48 KB)

I am sure it seems your EDI file formatting is not right…some thing messed up the delimiters when you copy and past while submitting to TN and its a common unrecognized errror.

Please check the file closely and format it correctly with some record delimiter (end of each segment for example a pipe | can be used) to make your sample working:

see example:
ISA~00~ ~00~ ~12~2222222222 ~ZZ~111111111 ~121112~1016~U~00401~000000219~0~P~^|



If the record delimiter is newline ( which is the case for your attached EDI, then it cannot be submitted from Admin
page. This is a common issue which I have faced earlier. I had to create a custom service that will route the
EDI to TN. You can also try to do rnd on that.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

Steps of the custom service,(which we did )

  1. take the input EDI from ST to SE segment.
  2. take the inputs sender id,sender qualifier , receiver id , receiver qualifier , doc type , delimiters.
  3. call the getTPA service to get the TPA based on sender and receiver , if TPA is there and delimiters are specified use them or else use ur input delimiters.
  4. then call addgroups and addenvelope services (edi package ) and form the envelope.
  5. then route to tn

Please let me know if you need further info.