EDIstream vs EDI content-types

I have a service that receives edidata (Data Type is String) as input. I invoke the service from an FTP client (Command line DOS for now) as follows -

  1. cd to the service directory
  2. put ;application/EDI

This invokes the service with the edidata populated. No problems there.

I want to change the edidata to an InputStream (As some of the edi data we receive could be large). So I did the following -

  1. Changed edidata input type to Object and Java Wrapper Type to UNKNOWN.
  2. In the FTP session,
    a. cd to the service directory
    b. put ;application/EDIstream

Here is the problem. I am getting an error in the IS as
[ISC.0076.0007W] XMLCoder decode invalid data type: wm.server.net.FTPInputStream

The pipeline with edidata (Stream) is null.
I am not sure what I am missing.


Can you share the details of the service steps?


Try with setting to contentStream (case sensitive) as input object in the service and Content-type(application/EDIstream) remains the same…

Also put a tracePipeline and check the logs during its transfer…


I had SavePipeLineToFile as the first step in the flow (Followed by exit on success step). This was causing the FTPContentHandler that invokes the service to fail. Once I removed it, it was fine.


Uh…you did it…