Problem with EDITNEnvelope (editn_env)

I have a strange problem. I migrated some code from our 6.0.1 IS to 6.5 IS. I migrated the TN database and related stuff to 6.5 using webMethods guidelines.

When I submit an EDI document to TN and invoke a service via a processing rule, the transaction document list shows up as a ‘string’ variable with this data in it ‘wm.b2b.editn.TransactionInfoSet’. editn_env[0]/group[0]/transaction

It works fine on the 6.0.1 IS. I am attaching screen shots to make it easy to explain what I am saying. Has anyone had this problem before? I searched advantage and nothing related to it. I am under a time crunch so, I would appreciate an quick response.

Thank you,

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Is your processing rule doctype criteria is X12Envelope??That is the reason you are seeing editn_env (document) in the pipeline and this should have editn_env/string or edidata with entire EDI payload…

What is the actual problem here??problem in extraction of edi and mapping or parsing the EDI.


Hi shahzafar,

I am also facing the same problem.Did u get a chance to fix this issue.We have also recently migrated to 6.5 environment.

Thank you

I am also currently doing the 6.01 to 6.5 migration. I have the exact problem described by shahzafar.