Inserting carriage returns randomly in the EDI data

Here we are doing migration of TN6.1 to TN 6.5.When we are migrating ,we got an issue in processing of EDI documents.When we are going to process this EDI data it is insering some carriage returns in the EDI data produced by TN 6.5.Here we are copying the output data from transaction analysis and copying the same data in notepad.When we are comparing this two outputs in $ prompt by using diff command we are getting the difference in outcomes.Screen shot was attached for further referance. We got suggested that to compare these outputs to use a hexadecimal textpad.we tried that also. But in that also we are getting difference.Here we are using wm.b2b.edi:convertToString service for converting the values to EDI.

In the screen shot first file refers to 6.1 ouput and 2nd one is 6.5 output.

The Components we are using are

webMethods TradingNetworks Console Version 6.1 (705)
webMethods Integration Server Version 6.1 (705)

webMethods TradingNetworks Console Version 6.5 (55)
webMethods Integration Server Version 6.5 (55)

Any Help
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Is it only in the difference in viewing in the Transactin Analysis?If any one cross this issue please share with me.


You missed to upload the screenshots…

BTW,Did your env has the all the necessary IS6.5/TN/EDI fixes??just making sure…Please do search in the Advantage website also on the same issue as there might be some known fixes released already…



Thanks for your reply.We applied all the fixes for TN & EDI. When we contacted to webMethods Support they are telling that it would be appearence issue. We tried to run it in debug mode,and we compare the results. We didn’t find any difference in it. But when we are seeing the results in Transaction Analysis it is showing that inserting some carriage returns.Is it effect the customers when we are sending it as outbound?
Screenshot i am unable to add as it is nearly 6MB in word format.


Hey Rajesh,
It’s just browser Issue.