How to load other X12 versions like 4010 /4020 /4030

Iam using webMethods 10.15 free trail version, when iam trying to add document Type x12 4010 transaction types, but I dont find them in MWS Tn document types…how can I add them or configure so that I can see them in MWS TN docuemnt types?

The TN EDI documentation under “Adding New Versions of EDI Standards” may have the info you seek.

do u mean to check some documentation or some option in mWS or IS ?

The option is in the IS menu. Strange that it’s there, but you should be able to find it.

Strange I dont find it in MWS or IS admin pages , can any one share the path or a screen shot?


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Found this service : wm.b2b.editn.util.VersionSupport:addNewEDIVersion in documentation

Input: C:\SoftwareAGNew\IntegrationServer\instances\NEW_IS\packages\WmEDI\pub\SEFS\X12\4020.sef


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As I recall, there was a UI or some other path to add SEF to the environment, with no need to explicitly call an IS service manually. Glad you got what you need but I think there was another path, described in the documentation. If you find it, might be good to post here for future community member queries.


eventually there is an UI entry in IS Admin under either Adapters or Solutions section in the left pane navigation.

At least RosettaNet option has such an entry where new doc types can be imported to the TN DB and the WmRosettaNet package.